More than just a game

Reach Millions of fans who follow gamers like athletes. We help find opportunities in this incredibly fast-growing industry for your brand.

Why esports?

As the technology in our society advances at a rapid rate, more and more millennials and Gen Z are dreaming of becoming professional gamers. The passion, the glory, and the prize money are all within touching distance of the biggest sports competitions in the world. And the stats speak for themselves. 

We cover Competitions


Event Management

We plan and coordinate esports tournaments and festivals globally in a multitude of video games.

Social Media

We are experts in the esports media space, with a proven history of building loyal audiences and fan-bases. 


Beyond just PR and Awareness, we look to create a strong content strategy to drive Traffic, Sales, and Brand Loyalty.


At EMC we find the best rising stars in the eSports scene and manufacture mutually beneficial relationships.


As esports consultants we will deploy the best creative strategies in an extremely fast-evolving market.


Not only do we create content, but they are broadcasted and streamed to a global audience on many different platforms.

Clients with Achievements Unlocked

richard yong

Despite their happy and energetic attitude, EMC are nothing but professional. They’ve made sure that all our marketing KPIs are met while adding more value in their strategies and ideas.

Richard Yong


Triton Poker

Rui Cao website

Esports Marketing and Consultancy received my company’s brief and executed it with speed and precision. They grasped my vision and I am very happy with the result.